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How would you like to have a tool which you could monitor your body’s actions and how it was processing the way you feel at all times? There is a method to find which file folder in the data base holds the information we are searching for. Energy Psychology is the method. You have this tool built into your body/minds operating system at your service all the time. It is described as Kinesiology or muscle testing.

The interpretation or description of psychology is understanding the actions, attitudes and/or behavior of a person and how he/she is interfacing with his/her life. Conventional psychological practices are only marginally successful in getting down to the cause of dysfunctional behavior because we very seldom can recall or understand the situation and the actions we have taken due to the trauma or distress we were under at the time. Most of the time we are not aware how, where or what was filled in our mind.

When you master the Energy Psychology system you can control your behavior and response to any situation which is presented to you. You can use the energy of your body and mind to ask any question once you learn how to use the system. There are two forms you can use to ask the questions. One is a direct form using your fingers if you are working it yourself or a pendulum which is described as dowsing an indirect form which will provide the same answers once you learn how to use it. The second form requires a practitioner or someone who is skilled at Kinesiology to ask questions using your arm as the signaling device. Energy Psychology is a method to ask questions about anything which is in your Subconscious minds data base or actually anything you would like to ask questions about that your mind can tune into. There really is no limitation as to what you can access with Energy Psychology.

Based on this description of what Energy Psychology is how is it used? With Energy Psychology all we have to do is ask our Subconscious what the situation was and how we reacted to the situation and what our behavior was at the time of the incident. We must know how ask the right questions to get accurate proper answers. Now we have the core issue and base cause plus the actions we have taken in relation to information which has been recorded in the Subconscious Minds data base in the past. We are accessing the records our mind has recorded with Kinesiology (muscle testing).

I have two books out on the subject too, “Your Body is Talking Are You Listening" and "ReParenting Yourself Growing up Again”. More information about Energy Psychology is available at our website.

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