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Lack of energy can be caused by chronic fatigue or Epstein Bar which is the common diagnosis from a medical interpretation. What the real cause is very different when we locate the root cause. Usually it is caused by depression about something or fear of following through on task that you feel you can’t accomplish. So you will procrastinate which in effect stops you from following through with the task at hand. Quite often the lack of energy is coupled with headaches which another way to keep you from accomplishing your goal. Fear of failure will also cause lack of energy too.

What it all comes down to is not wanting to take control of your life and reclaim your personal power. Once you get down to what the fear is and are willing to break out of the box which causes the limitations you place on yourself. Most of us place walls in front ourselves then feel we can not get over the wall. What is the block, limitation, or wall telling you?

Many times I find people are not sleeping well because of fear of dying programs. Their Mind will not them transition into a deep sleep for fear they may die and never wake up. We are finding this common with 85% of the people we test for this program. If it is present you will get proper sleep which causes fatigue and lack of energy.

If can be quiet and go into a reflective state such as in meditation, self hypnosis or just sitting quietly and asking your inner self what the block is. If you can stop the self talk you can recover the message.

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