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Freedom from stress under all situations, is it possible?

There is stress all around us all the time so most people would say no. In my view I would say that it is possible because I reached the point where I can function stress free. I have been through some extremely stressful situations where I did not react at all. In the past I would find myself getting agitated and angry over situations I could not control. I have come to a point where nothing seems to rattle me any more. I finally have arrived at a stress free life. You can too, if you follow along these articles on stress.

In working with many clients who seem to get through stressful situations very well, I have discovered the key to becoming stress free under all circumstances. I knew I was able to accomplish this task myself and was wondering if I could help others do the same. I was not willing to make a claim you could become stress free at all times unless I could document the claim by having other people do it too. What I wanted to see was average people overcoming stress and succeeding in their lives and careers.

There are many examples with famous people in the sports world such a Tiger woods who seems to be unshakable in the golf world. Many people would not see Donald Trump in this category yet he is never down even when he is financially in trouble. He always recovers because he knows he will. The key here is” he knows he will”. He has no doubts or skepticism. He does not let fear enter his world.

When I discovered stress was caused by overwhelm it explained many problems. It can put stops to anything we are trying to accomplish. If you navigate through your day without letting stress knock you down you have passed through gate one to stress freedom. If you can confront the tigers and dragons in your life and not let them run you down or cause fear you have made it through gate two. Most people see theoretical or virtual dragons and tigers in their life when they really do not exist. It can also be boulders and limitations you put in your path which you don’t think you can get around. It is only fear and loss of control which causes them to rise and block your path. It is self doubt and skepticism which will block us too. The key here is being able to take risks and know the outcome will be positive. There are hidden dragons around every corner unless we know that we can take on the dragons and not get hurt.

Your Life Is Functioning In One Of These four Basic Patterns:
1.The fire of desire, intention, inspiration, enthusiasm, passion and commitment is driving your life with energy and purpose. You know you are on the path to success; stress will not have any effects on you.
2. You are on fire all right, no direction spinning your wheels and burning out, looking for the path.
3. Your fire is on auto pilot low power existing with no focus or purpose. Life is a struggle.
4. Your fire has burned out, retreating in survival or fear of failure. Life is a continual battle.

We operate from energy. Positive high energy builds us up, whereas negative emotions, feelings and attitudes eat up our energy and cause us to burn out. We must have all the energy producers in our life working at a high level of performance or we will burn and flame out. How do we fan and ignite the fire under our desire to get started over if we are burning out? We must have high energy which is three dimensional coming from three different levels in our life. Physical is controlled by diet, exercise and the ability to sleep deeply. Mental/psychological is controlled by our attitudes, beliefs, concepts and interpretations we hold. Spiritual which is our connection to a higher source of being.

When we evaluate where we are functioning from we can see we must have control over our personal power and we must put fire under our desire, drive, intention and discipline to know we can follow through. You can succeed with the above programs in place without many challenges to your success. To guarantee total success there are keys most of us do not have. Without these keys burnout and melt down can happen. These keys are self esteem, self worth and self confidence and unconditional love with the eight qualities which it contains. Very few of us received these keys from our parents. The main cause was they did not know what they were. They did not get them from their parents so they could not provide for us. What they handed down to us was a dysfunctional parenting program which was control, authority, manipulation and compliance. This program does not work and has never worked. You can see a major difference in children’s behavior when you begin working with eight qualities of unconditional love which are acceptance, approval, recognition, validation, acknowledgment, forgiveness, respect and trust. If you do not have these qualities installed in your mind you can not operate from them. In the process of growing up as a child we did not receive unconditional love which blocked our self esteem, shelf worth and self confidence. To recover these qualities all you have to do is take your power back and take control of your life. It may seem easy, and yes it is, but there is a catch. It must be done in a particular manner to get it to work. If you have a desire to achieve freedom from stress, reclaim your personal power, take control over your life and take responsibility we can provide the method and the tools to do it. You can download our book which explains our processes at

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