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The reason desensitization doesn’t work is that most allergies are caused by a program. A program is something that you accepted in the past. It was locked into your subconscious mind’s file and continues to react based on the program that was installed at the time it happened. Quite often it’s caused by something you heard of a statement somebody made or can even be a radio or television advertisement. It can also be created by a traumatic incident some time in your life, more than likely in childhood.

Your mind is extremely literal in how it reacts. A trigger or an activator or a catalist from this traumatic experience will activate the allergy. To remove the allergy, we have to find the program that is driving it. Many times this can be done with a simple affirmation, if it is just a belief. If it is attached to a traumatic experience then we have to find the participents and the triggers and catalysts. Removing the program that activated will remove the allergy. In the past I have had direct contact with a person in a session to clear allergies, to accomplish permenent relief.

We have discovered that we can clear allergies using a cd. A person can listen to and repeat the affirmation from the cd or one can read the affirmation from our treatment manual while looking at a picture of the thearapist. This process is called the “witness effect”.

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Comment by Art Martin Ph.D. on May 11, 2009 at 1:38pm
Your allergies along with the Hashimoto are all beliefs which are controlled by your mind. If there is a trigger,
activator or catalyst they could activate the allergies and auto immune problems. Very seldom dies thois happen.
It seems like the doctors were treating you like a garage mechanic looking for why the battery as not charging and just trying different approaches to see which one will work.
It seems as if we need to take direct action with a session.
We are developing a home study coarse which will provide the support to handle a lot of the situations
yourself. We could start with my session manual as we have a way to deal with it using the witness effect.
We tried it out in Florida in the last two weeks and seemed to work with some people.
If you want to try this the manual is $40. plus $10 shipping.which I will send a copy of my process and a
CD explaining it. Email me at to continue this conversation.


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