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March 2009 Blog Posts (4)

Life on Fire or Burning Out

Your Life Is Functioning In One These Three Basic Patterns:

1. The fire of desire, inspiration, enthusiasm, and passion is driving your life with energy and purpose.

2. You are on fire all right, spinning your wheels and burning out.

3. You are flaming out in survival and pulling back in fear of failure.

We operate from energy. Positive high energy builds us up, whereas negative emotions, feelings and attitudes eat up our energy and cause us to burn out. We must have… Continue

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Weight Loss

Diet and exercise are not the total picture to weight control. It is a lifestyle change. Have you been on a roller coaster or a ping pong lifestyle diet with rebounds where you drop the weight and it eventually creeps back. Then do you give up because you can’t keep it off permanently. We have the answer to your dilemma. You diet and the food you eat does have an effect, yet it is not the root cause of excess weight.

Excess weight is not really a dietary problem. It is an emotional… Continue

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Lack of Energy

Lack of energy can be caused by chronic fatigue or Epstein Bar which is the common diagnosis from a medical interpretation. What the real cause is very different when we locate the root cause. Usually it is caused by depression about something or fear of following through on task that you feel you can’t accomplish. So you will procrastinate which in effect stops you from following through with the task at hand. Quite often the lack of energy is coupled with headaches which another way to keep… Continue

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The reason desensitization doesn’t work is that most allergies are caused by a program. A program is something that you accepted in the past. It was locked into your subconscious mind’s file and continues to react based on the program that was installed at the time it happened. Quite often it’s caused by something you heard of a statement somebody made or can even be a radio or television advertisement. It can also be created by a traumatic incident some time in your life, more than likely in… Continue

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